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September 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I am enjoying getting to know your children. They are fabulous! We have had a great start to the year. We are all learning our new routines, making new friends, and getting use to second grade.  

Make learning fun!

Please work with your child in math. Let them count out change, talk about each coin. They can help measure when you are cooking, and practice telling time. You could give your child a word problem and ask them what the equation would be. For example: If I have 12 cupcakes and the dog eats 8 of them how many do we have left? Have your child practice doing a number line. Talk about shapes around your home. Let them use the measuring tape to measure things around your home. Make it fun!

As always read with your children. Talk about the books, characters, problem/solution, how did the book make them feel? Did they like it? Why or why not?  What connections did they have? Have your child retell the story to you, ask them if there were any text features (bold print words, table of contents, headings, etc).  Ask them if the genre is fiction or nonfiction. Have them tell you what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Ask them what the main idea was? Encourage your children to read lots of different kinds of books. Read to your children. It is beneficial for them to hear you reading, even if it is a book that is above their “reading level”.

Have your child write letters or postcards to family members or friends. Let them help make the grocery list. Let your child write with a cool pen or marker so writing will be fun for them.

Please don’t forget….

  1. Leave the behavior/homework sheets in your child’s folder (even over the weekend).
  2. Make sure you are looking at your child’s reading log. They need to be reading 30 minutes each night either by themselves or with you or a family member. They also need to be answering two questions about the book per week. The questions need to be answered in complete sentences.
  3. Make sure you are looking at your child’s work as it comes home. If they have made a lot of mistakes or if they haven’t finished something please have them work on it for homework. Also take the time to praise them for their hard work.
  4. Label all money that comes in. Put your child’s first and last name and what the money is for. For example: “Shannon Davis lunch money”
  5. Send in the exact amount of money for field trips etc….. I do not have change and I will not be able to make change.

Items we need

Glue Sticks

Each child needs a pair of earbuds or headphones


You have fabulous children! We are having a great year and I look forward to watching them change and grow this school year!

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.  

Thank you! Ms. Davis



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