Homework Expectations

Homework Directions

 Read every night Monday – Thursday for 30 minutes.

This can be a combination of different kinds of reading and can vary throughout the week. For example you could: read to your child for 10 minutes and your child could read silently or out loud to you for 20 minutes. Your child could read the entire 30 minutes on their own. You could take turns reading to each other. Etc. 

  • Your child will then answer reading response questions that will be included in their folder. They will only do this twice during the week. You pick which nights are best for your family.
  • Occasionally there will be another very short assignment. These assignments will be listed on the homework/behavior sheet that will be in their folder daily. Please sign the space provided each day to let me know that you have looked in their folder and that they have completed their assignment.
  • If your child has a lot of unfinished work throughout the day this will be sent home for homework. Please send it back in when it is completed.


I am hoping that because there will not be a lot of homework that you and your family will be able to: sit down and eat together, play outside, spend time talking, participate in other fun activities, and that your child will be able to go to bed early so that they are prepared for the next day.



If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.



Thank you!

Ms. Davis