Title 1 Family Engagement Policy

Candler Elementary School

Family Engagement Policy

Sept. 8, 2017

School Year 2017-18

The administration, staff and parents/guardians of this school believe that the improved academic achievement of each student is a responsibility shared by the entire school community. This includes the district, school, community members, administration, staff, students, and parents. The success of each child results from a united effort. Parents/guardians are the central figures in a child’s development, as well as his/her first teacher. We believe that the involvement of all parents/guardians greatly enhances the effectiveness of our program and significantly increases the success of each child involved. We will work to provide a variety of parental involvement activities throughout the school year.

A school-parent compact was developed and agreed upon by a committee of teachers, administrators and parents. This compact is a commitment indicating how all members of a school community agree to share responsibility for student learning.

The faculty and staff encourage all efforts which promote an enduring partnership between the child, the parent, and the school.