(Phone:  828-670-5036)


Our cafeteria staff, under the leadership of Mrs. Kristy Laird, creates a friendly and warm environment and serves well-balanced and nourishing meals each day.  Candler School offers a free breakfast to all students each day.  Lunch prices are set each year by Buncombe County Board of Education.

            Paying Student:                Free Breakfast            Lunch:  $2.45

            Adult:                                                              Lunch:  $4.05

Free and reduced student lunches will need to pay for milk if they bring a lunch from home.

Please note that the Cafeteria is not set up to accept debit/credit cards.  When paying directly to the cafeteria, please pay with either cash or a check.

Students may pre-pay by the week, month or year.  You may log on to to review your child’s account and to pay on-line.  Charging meals in the cafeteria is discouraged.  If charging is necessary, payment is required the next day.  The cafeteria management reserves the right to provide a substitute lunch until charges are paid.

Parents are invited to eat with their child in the cafeteria.  We do, however, ask that you not bring outside fast food (ex. McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Bojangles, etc.).  Parents/visitors should either bring a lunch prepared at home or be prepared to purchase a school lunch with cash or a check.  The cafeteria is not equipped to accept debit/credit cards.  Anyone having lunch with a student should arrive at school in time to get a visitor’s pass in the office and report to the classroom five minutes before the scheduled lunch period.

Parents who need financial assistance are strongly encouraged to apply for the federal free and reduced price meal program.  The application is available at each school and given to each student with their paperwork packet at the beginning of the school year or at registration, or on-line at   We encourage all parents to complete the on-line application to ensure faster processing.

In accordance with Candler Elementary’s Child Wellness policy, parents/guardians are asked not to send carbonated drinks with their student(s).