See Buncombe County Attendance Policy 4400-R.

Candler Elementary Attendance Policy

Each month students who have accumulated UNEXCUSED absences or tardies will be required to make up their absences immediately by doing one of the following:

  1. Attend a monthly after-school make-up until 4:00.  Cost is $3.00 per session and transportation is not provided.
  2. Parent may attend a monthly parent workshop during the day at no cost.


Tardies- Arriving to school any time after 7:30 am –OR- Leaving school any time before 2:10pm

Unexcused- Absences without a note from parent or doctor within 30 days of the absence.

Each month, parents will be notified by the Candler Social Worker if there are issues with your child’s attendance.  You will be given the choice of attendance make-up or parent workshop.  Once completed, your child’s UNEXCUSED absences will be turned into EXCUSED and will not be considered in future attendance decisions.

The Family School Specialist, Laura Cleaveland, will be asked to call on families where there is an attendance or tardiness problem.  Be sure to read the Buncombe County School Attendance Policy.

Parents are subject to prosecution for not sending their child to school if they accumulate unlawful absences (G.S. 115c-378).  School Board Policy #4400R states that any absences over 14 must be made up in accordance with the school’s attendance make up program. 


Tardies interrupt the school program, disrupt learning, and causes a difficult transition for the student coming in late. Students arriving after 7:30 am are considered tardy.  Morning announcements begin at 7:30 am and instruction begins promptly following announcements.  Students who are tardy must report to the office for an “admit to class tardy slip.”  Parents must come into the building to sign students in.  Please make every effort to see that your child arrives on time and stays all day.

A tardy includes an early sign out. If your child has to be checked out for any reason, it is considered a tardy and will accumulate as such.



Students having perfect attendance will be recognized.  Year-end perfect attendance is based on 180 days of attendance with no more than 4 tardies or early dismissals.  Students must be in attendance ½ of the day to be counted present (10:50).