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<html-blob>Welcome friends to Miss H's Virtual classroom!!! Miss H's Google Classroom class code:xwswrxe   Virtual Days Office Hours 9-1 whitney.hawkins@bcsemail.org Here you will find interactive activities, games, and lessons that Miss H has to share with you while we are out of school. Some things you may recognize from Miss H's room and our binders, while others may be brand new...don't be shy and give them a try! Just as stated in the parent letter I sent home with your learning packets, please know that I am here to support, encourage, and help you continue to challenge yourself to new learning today and everyday! Parents and Students I will have Office hours every day we are virtually learning from the hours between 9-1, if you should have any questions, difficulties, and or just want to say hello...please do I am here to support you and here for you near or far and only a quick message away! I'm happy to zoom, email, or correspond by phone which ever is most convenient for you during this time:) Daily there are new activities that will pop into your feed but please know that you can always revisit any of the previous things that I share and discover to reinforce skills, build reading and math fluency and work our brain gains & stretch growths together:) There are so many great online resources and ways that we can explore and have fun! Miss H's expectations: 1. Listening Ears 2. Calm Bodies 3. Always Do your best work and know I am proud of you everyday! :) 4. Kindness always matters, near and far Be sure to read LOUD and PROUD using your strategies to tap out words, chunk your words (keep your eyes on the lookout for those bossy R's, sneaky e's, vowel pairs and even a contraction or two....just as we do in class!), or even using your "blockers" online and at home! </html-blob>
Posted by Whitney Hawkins  On Mar 17, 2020 at 7:31 PM
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