Weather Closure Notification Options

Weather Closure Notification Options
Posted on 03/06/2017

When a decision is made to delay or close schools due to weather and safety concerns, we know our parents and community members need to know as soon as possible. This is why we share this information via a number of channels. Here is a quick run-down of where you can get the latest info:

1) Contact Manager
You can sign-up to receive automated BCS phone calls, texts, and emails:

Immediately after a delay or closing decision is made, an alert is posted near the top of and every BCS school's home page. Generally, this is the fast
est way to see an alert since the automated calls can take several minutes to receive due to many factors (such as cell phone carriers).

3) Social Media
Our BCS Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages relay the same message posted to our district and school pages. To find these pages, look for the social media icons at Here on Facebook, click Like and Follow near the top of the Buncombe County Schools page to add our posts to your feed.

4) BCS Weather Hotline
For those unable 
to access our web-based alerts, a hotline has been created for up-to-date weather information: 828-255-5939.

5) Local Broadcast Media
Stay tuned to WLOS ABC 13 or visit and for a current list of school delays and closures.

We hope this helps give you options for staying informed throughout the winter months!