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Title 1 Program

Title 1 Reading Specialists
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Title 1 Paraprofessionals :
Michelle Anderson
Ron Bailey
Robin Ramsey 
Dana Reno


Recipients of The North Carolina’s Reading Association’s Exemplary Reading Award for the 2006-2007 school year.


The Title 1 program began in 1965 under President Johnson. The intent of the program is to provide services to students who need additional help in literacy instruction. The goal of Title 1 is a High-Quality Education for every child.


Candler Elementary School has a fully funded Title 1 program which means that funds can be used to benefit the whole school population. The Title 1 program at our school provides staff as well as supplies, materials, parental involvement activities, and staff development for teachers and assistants.


Students are served in the regular classroom through small group instruction for 30 minutes each day.
These title 2groups are called STAR groups. STAR stands for “Students Thinking About Reading”.
In kindergarten and first grade, we focus on phonics instruction during STAR time. In second grade, students learn to refine and apply their phonics knowledge as they build comprehension. Students in grades 3 through 5 focus on comprehension strategy instruction to help build deeper levels of thinking about the text. We strive to help our students become fluent readers who comprehend and make connections to what they read.


At Candler Elementary School we have two Title 1 Reading specialists and six paraprofessionals who work with students on a daily basis in reading. Watch the calendar for upcoming Title 1 sponsored events.

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