Handbook for Mrs. Jumper's Class
Jumping into Third Grade with Mrs. Jumper!

Third grade is a magical year! Your child will flourish into a confident reader, writer and mathematician! That is what makes third grade so special!

The third grade year is also one of transition to the more formal learning environment. Children will still have many opportunities to work and play in hands-on activities but will also be involved in many independent tasks, as well.

In addition, third grade is full of adventure and new challenges. Therefore, I have created a packet of information that might help ease some of the anxiety. I hope these explanations help you, especially during the first couple weeks of school. The packet explains third grade expectations and procedures.

Please put this packet in a safe place, so you can refer to it for the next few weeks.


Mrs. Jumper’s Classroom Discipline Plan

My job is to provide a safe, positive and caring environment for your child. A fair and consistent discipline plan is necessary for children to feel safe and secure.

During the first days of school, we set the tone for learning and cooperation in our classroom. Primarily, our class rules consist of Aesop’s fables. (Fables are a part of the third grade curriculum.) We will read them one at a time and discuss the meaning of each one. We will consider the lesson to be learned, the implications of that lesson and how that lesson would look as it is put into action in our classroom. These lessons will serve as lifelong skills your child can take with them and apply for the rest of their lives. I strongly believe in nurturing lifelong skills, as well as, fostering each child’s academic growth!

At the end of our unit, we will also make a classroom promise to each other and sign it. By doing so, we will promise to keep our classroom rules and our school promise to each other all year long!

"At Candler School (and in our classroom) we are a family of learners. We respect and care about each other. This is who we are even when no one is watching."

The following are our main classroom rules:

1.) We try, try, TRY OUR VERY BEST!

2.) We know there is a time for work and a time for play.

3.) We will always speak the truth. We understand that we are responsible for what we say and do.

4.) We will look before we leap!

5.) We will treat others the way we want to be treated!

6.) We understand that kindness is never wasted!

Reinforcements for appropriate behavior:

- Name tag moves up to the Great Example for Others, which is the Star area

- Name tag stays in the “Wow” area

- Verbal praise

- Positive notes home

- Behavior Bucks to use in our “Classroom Store” or School Store

Another way your child is thanked for being a part of a cooperative, learning community is with a “Compliment Chain.” A link in the chain is given to the entire class when the whole class receives a spontaneous compliment from another teacher, staff member, or volunteer. When the class reaches the set goal, we all celebrate their accomplishment together.

When all students are following the rules, the class will enjoy a comfortable, pleasant learning experience.

After understanding what is expected, these are the consequences for inappropriate behavior:

1.) Verbal Warning

2.) If inappropriate behavior continues, the student will move their name tag down to the “So-So” area. ( Time out if necessary)

3.) If inappropriate behavior continues while the name is in the So-So area, the name will be moved to the “Oops!!!” area, they will lose behavior bucks and a note will be in your child’s folder. (Time out if necessary)

If appropriate behavior resumes, the name tag will be returned to the “Wow” area from the “So-So” area. However, if the name tag is in the “Oops!!!” area, it cannot be moved back.

If inappropriate behavior continues on a repetitive basis, I will contact you and perhaps request a conference so we may discuss ways to encourage positive and appropriate behavior.

For severe uncontrollable misbehavior, the student will be sent immediately to the principal’s office.

It is important for you to talk with your child about what happened and encourage appropriate behavior. Remember, if you do not hear from me and you keep seeing a smiley face, you may assume that you child’s behavior is appropriate.

Thank you for your cooperation. My hope is that our classroom will be a place of acceptance, caring and a family of learners!

What Our Classroom Discipline Chart Looks Like:

Great Example For Others

( You will find a Smiley face!)


( You will find a Smiley face!)


( You will find a So-So.)


( You will find a frown and a note inside their folder.)


My child and I have read and discussed the classroom discipline plan.

As a third grade student, I understand the rewards and consequences in my classroom and I promise to be a helpful and thoughtful friend to my classmates. I promise to help my teacher by being a good listener and following the rules.

Signed _______________________________ (Student’s Signature)

As a parent of a third grade student, I will encourage my child to be a responsible student with self-control. I understand the classroom discipline policy.

Signed________________________________ (Parent’s Signature)


I would like to say that I am honored to have the chance to teach your child and I am very excited about the progress that we can make together. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mrs. Stacia Jumper

Please sign below:

I have read the following procedures and information that was provided for me in this packet and I understand what is expected in order to have a successful transition into third grade!




Students will have the opportunity to earn "tickets" in our class. They can earn "tickets" by being respectful, responsible, caring and keeping the school promise! On the last Friday of each month, our "Classroom Store" will be open and students will have the chance to purchase items or special classroom privileges using their “tickets”!

Students can also use tickets in the school store. 

Homework Folder

Communication is extremely important! I will send home a “Homework Folder” every day. The Homework Folder will have their homework packet, newsletter and any other important notices.

Homework is an essential piece of your child's education. Homework is where your child takes the knowledge they have learned daily and will apply it independently at home. Your child will be required to bring his/her Homework Folder to school each day. This folder will be the key to communication between home and school. Your child will have a homework packet given to them on Monday and it will be due on Friday. Your child may work on the packet, at his/her own pace. Additionally, your child will be required to read for 30 minutes Monday- Thursday, each night. Your child will document their nightly reading in his/her homework folder. The reading must be recorded to receive credit!


If your child is absent, I must have a written excuse for his/her absence within 2 days of his/her return. These notes will be turned into the office. Please make sure you write the note on a separate sheet of paper and do not write it on the behavior calendar in the folder. Thanks.

Checking Out Early

If your child needs to leave school early, you need to do this before 2:00. You will need to sign him/her out at the office. Please do not come directly to the room. The office is required to call the room and we will bring your child to you. This process usually takes several minutes because your child will need to pack his/her book bag and gather his/her things. Please be patient and we will be there as soon as possible.


If there is a change in how your child should go home, WE MUST HAVE A NOTE. Please do NOT write the note on the behavior calendar. I have to turn in these notes to the office. The office will not take transportation changes over the phone.


If you send it in, it must be in an envelope with your child’s name, reason (what it is for), teacher’s name (Jumper) and the amount. If the money is for lunch, we must have the child’s lunch number on it, in addition to the previous information listed. We cannot touch and count money. It will be sent to the office or cafeteria.


Each Monday, or the first school day of the week, I will send home a newsletter. It is very important that you keep up with this sheet. It will include what we are studying, special events planned, and what homework is required and when it is due for the week. I make it a high priority to keep my parents well informed. I know that when we work together as a team, we will see the best results and we will have the most successful year yet!!


You can expect to have two conferences with me during the school year. The first one will be towards the beginning of the year. The second will be towards the end of the school year. However, if additional concerns come up, I may contact you for an additional conference. You are also welcome to schedule one to address problems you may have at any time.


I may ask for families to bring in items for celebrations from time to time. The items you bring in to share with the whole class must be store bought and not homemade. Thanks.

Hooray for Parent Volunteers!

We have lots to learn during the day and we welcome and appreciate extra support! Please let me know if you can volunteer in our classroom. You might be interested in helping with curriculum, with compliment parties, behind the scenes projects from home, or with other various projects throughout the year.

In order to volunteer, Buncombe County has a new policy. Please make sure you complete the necessary form before working in a classroom.

After the office has notified me that the required paper work is completed, I will contact you and make a pre-arranged time. This will ensure that we are in the classroom at that particular time and I have everything ready for you when you arrive.

I always wait a month or two before I host volunteers. This allows the class to become accustomed to the routine and for us to grow as a family. I will contact you when we are ready! Thanks.

In addition, many parents love to come eat lunch with their child. Please be sure to send us a note if you plan on joining us for lunch, so we can notify the cafeteria.


I look forward to a wonderful year together! Thank you in advance for all of your support throughout the year! Let’s strive to work as a team to make this the best year ever!


Mrs. Jumper

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