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Classroom Handbook

Dear Families,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child! You will notice a tremendous amount of growth in your child’s ability to problem solve and function on a more independent level. Your child will receive instruction in a variety of ways:  whole class, small group, cooperative learning, and individual instruction.  We will create a community learning environment that includes the opportunity to make individual choices while we maintain an environment of structure.  I firmly believe that children will rise to whatever expectation we place on them. Therefore, expectations of my students will be high, both academically and behaviorally! Along with your support, each student will be able to reach their maximum potential.

Please know that our classroom has an open door and you are always welcome; however, if you would like to discuss your child’s development, we may need to meet at a prearranged date and time. I realize that your time is valuable and I will make every effort to work with you and your schedule.  You can also contact me by sending a note, calling the school (670-5018), message me on the “ClassDojo” app, or by email at regarding any questions or concerns that you might have.

This handbook has been put together to highlight some valuable information you need to know about how we organize our classroom. 


Tiffany Craig

Behavior Management System for Room 315

Classroom Rules: (School-wide rules included in our “Candler School Promise”)

  1. Show Care for Others.
  2. Have a Positive Attitude.
  3. Demonstrate Teamwork.
  4. Use Self-Control

Rest assured that I will treat each child respectfully, and in the fairest way possible.  If I feel that there is a behavior issue that I am unable to successfully address alone, I will contact you so that we can work together to help your child be successful in the classroom.

My classroom management plan consists of implementing the school wide PBIS behavior plan.  Although our primary focus is on using positive reinforcement techniques, situations can occur that require problematic behaviors to be addressed using consequences in the classroom. The following is a list of the ways we might address more serious concerns in our classroom…

Examples of Possible Classroom Consequences: 

  • Verbal warning/Redirection
  • Asked to sit outside of the group until refocused (if causing distractions)
  • Discussion with teacher on how to identify areas for improvement
  • Discussion with teacher on how to make better choices
  • Note home to parent identifying area for improvement (May be a “Minor Incident Report” to be signed and returned the following day.)
  • Student phone call to Parent discussing areas of difficulty
  • Student completes a Self-Reflection (“Think Sheet”) to send home for Parent Review/discussion (to be signed & returned the following day)
  • Referral to Administrators: Resulting in a student conference with the Principal/Assistant Principal and/or removal from the classroom for a portion of the day. (Note: This would ONLY be resorted to in the MOST SERIOUS of cases where student safety is at risk, recurring MAJOR offenses, etc.)

Rewards will be given in class for positive behavior and compliments they receive as a class. Students will work together striving to reach their highest potential, showing a caring and positive attitude, working as a team, and using self-control.  When the class reaches our group goal (ClassDojo points earned for teamwork, compliments, etc.), we will choose our class reward. Some examples of rewards are electronics day, classroom party, games, crafts, videos, free time, painting/art, etc. Students will vote as a class for their reward party!

When we notice a student demonstrating exceptional citizenship, your child will receive "ClassDojo” points.  This recognition encourages students to go “Above and Beyond” and to be an example/encouragement to their peers that “good things happen when we all work together!” The points are used to purchase rewards at our “Cats Store”!

Please remember that if you find a “Think Sheet” written by the student AND teacher or a Minor Incident Report in your child’s folder, that these items both require your review, discussion with your child, a parent signature and return of the form(s) to school the following day.

I understand that getting back to school requires some time for children to get used to a new teacher’s expectations and procedures. Therefore, please do not be alarmed if your child’s behavior is less than perfect during the first few weeks of school! We will all be learning new routines and procedures together!  If I notice consistent behaviors that do NOT seem to be improving, then I will be sure and discuss the situation with you for your guidance on what might work most effectively to help ensure your child has a great day! After all, YOU know your child BEST…and both of our goals are for your child to have a happy and productive day! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Home/School Communication

            We will use the ClassDojo management system.  This program allows me to send important dates to remember, notify you of any Missing work assignments and include Important Reminders right to your phone and/or email! It will keep you informed about our classroom happenings. More details to come!  

Students will each have a "Take Home" folder. We will use this folder to transport information to and from school along with any notes/money sent by parents. Detailed information will be included in the child's folder!


            I believe homework should be relevant and limited to activities that will reinforce our classroom learning.  Reading EVERY day is crucial to your child’s success.  Your child will be doing significant amounts of reading during the school day. If each child is completing his/her work in the classroom in a timely manner, then you should not see a lot of homework coming home with your child. I give opportunities throughout the day for students to complete reading, spelling, & math assignments at school. If I notice that a student is consistently behind in turning in required assignments, then I will contact the parent directly and notify them of their child’s need to complete missing activities at home. Please encourage your child to use their time wisely at school to allow them the opportunity to enjoy their family, friends, & free time after school!

            Any Homework assignments will typically come home on Monday (or the first school day of the week) to be completed. Generally, students will have the week to complete the assignment and turn it in no later than Friday. 

Books to Read at Home

            Your child will be able to check out books from our Media Center to read at home. They are also permitted to take home books from our Classroom Library to read.   Please check to see that the books are appropriate for your child’s reading comfort. Your child should be able to read the text with ease, with no more than a handful of unknown words/errors on each page!

Midterms/Report Cards

            Midterm reports will be sent home at the midpoint of each nine weeks.  Midterms will let you know how your child is doing in each academic area.  Report cards will be sent home each nine weeks.  The grading scale in Buncombe County is as follows:  A= 90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69, F= 59-0                                                                 (NOTE: Grade level proficiency is 70-79/C)

I encourage parents to sign into the Parent Portal of PowerSchool to review grades prior to midterms/report cards, update contact information, etc.

Absences/Makeup Work

            If your child is absent, please send a note within 3 days upon your child’s return to school.  Good attendance is critical for your child’s academic success.  Please check for make-up work in your child’s folder.


Arriving and Dismissing

            Students will be marked “tardy” if they arrive after 7:45 am. Students may only be signed out in the office (An exception being for special school events where your child’s teacher has a “Sign-Out” sheet in his/her classroom.) Students being signed out prior to 2:30 will also receive a “tardy”, as they will be absent for a portion of the instructional day.

Each afternoon, bus, car riders and after-schoolers will be escorted by teachers and/or an assistant to be sure they get to the right place safely.   

Any changes in transportation plans must be made in writing, messaged on ClassDojo, or a phone call to the office staff. The note should include the student’s full name, the date, teacher’s name, bus number (if applicable), and the change to be made.  If you are making a bus change, you must include the bus number and address where your child will be dropped off. Please put all notes in your child’s Folder and remind them to turn them in to me first thing in the morning!


            You may send your child something healthy for snacks such as crackers, fruit, etc. to school each day. We request nut-free snacks where possible! Students will have an opportunity to eat a quick snack at a specified time daily. Please only send water for a drink as this will not damage the carpet if there is an accidental spill and not entice bugs!

Physical Education (PE) and Library

            Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes for P.E.  We also visit the library every week.  Students will get to return old books and check out new ones on these days.  (Please note: If your child does not return their library book, they are unable to check out another one until the return has been made.

Lunch and Other Money

            Please label or send a note as to what any money is being sent in for (i.e. Sarah V. Lunch $).  We have found that children often forget to hand in money that is in their pocket and at times can’t remember exactly what it was supposed to be used for.  You may send a check to school for lunch in your student’s Folder and we’ll be happy to see that the amount is added to his/her lunch account. You can also deposit money into his/her account online ( Whatever amount your child brings, we ask that the cafeteria put the whole amount in the account so that no money is lost or accidentally thrown away with student trash! Lunch money will only be necessary for “extras”/ice cream, as lunch meals are free!


            Birthdays are very special occasions! We will recognize your child’s birthday by announcing it on the morning news, giving them a special pencil, and by singing to him/her on their special day. If you would like to arrange to bring in a special snack, please let us know! We request that no birthday invitations be handed out during school hours unless you are inviting the whole class. This helps to eliminate hurt feelings.


            We will have one (1) to three (3) parent-teacher conferences during the year, depending on the needs and academic levels of each child.  The first will be in the fall.  I will be having a conference with some parents again in early Spring.  A final conference would take place at the end of May-early June.  However, you are free to schedule additional conferences to address concerns at any time.



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