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Classroom Projects
is a not-for-profit website where teachers can submit project proposals for classroom resources, and have them funded through donations that can literally come from anywhere. As it has grown, DonorsChoose has attracted the support of corporate America as well, and frequently donations you may make can be doubled with matching funds from these supporters. As parents, I hope that you will get as excited as I am about this program and join with us through your donations when I announce my next project. All donations are tax deductible!

Since beginning with DonorsChoose, I have added well in excess of $5000 in resources to my classroom, with over $3000 coming to last year's class alone! Your child will be able to enjoy a complete listening center with wireless headsets to help bring books to life thanks to DonorsChoose as well over $1000 of nonfictions books just added to our library. I could write a book on the recourses we've received, but none of it would have been possible without the support of parents and friends. I hope you'll join with me to make this year even better than last. We are already off to a great start with a project that was just completed which contains over $500 worth of school supplies for the current year!

Take a quick look at our classroom proposals. Tell your friends, family members, and employers...together we can make a difference with fun, creative and innovative supplies!

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Together we can make a difference:)