Parent Tools
Read to Achieve Sample Set for Parents - This sample set has one passage for each standard that is tested for the Read to Achieve Portfolio. These released items would be great practice to support your student at home.
Parent Road Map - This item is released from the state of North Carolina as a way to understanding how third grade differs from second grade and fourth grade.
http:// - This website shows the reading standards for K-5 students. It allows you to change which strand (type of reading) you are looking at as well as highlight changes between grade levels.
Math Standards - This document is North Carolina's State Standards for 3rd grade math. It also show examples of how that standard is being taught in the classroom.
http:// - This website allow you to view actual test items from the state. It does not allow you to print the reading passages on some of the versions because of copyright laws.
Written Question Stems for Nightly Reading - You and your child can sit down and choose a question to write an answer to based on what was read.