Meet the Teacher

Mrs.Warren's Kindergarten

     I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher for this school year! I am married and have two children.  I enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, gardening and spending time with family.

     My philosophy is that children learn in an atmosphere that is positive and supportive. It is important to me to create a class where students feel they are a family of learners who care and respect each other. It is imperative that students feel they are in a positive learning environment. I will treat your child the way I would want my children treated, which is with love, kindness, and fairness. We will be learning lots of new things in preparation for first grade and this will be exciting, so please help me by keeping the lines of communication open. If there are any issues, please contact the school by phone and they will give me a message and we can set up a meeting time. You may also send me an email at I know your children mean something special to each of you.  As I have two children of my own, I would want nothing less than the “best” for each of them. 


      We  have been blessed with a wonderful assistant in our class.  Her name is Mrs. Foster and she has the same philosophy that I do when it comes to teaching your child.  She has been in Title One at Candler for several years.  So, she brings a great deal of experience with  her to our classroom.


     We look forward to having a fantastic year  with our students and we will do everything to make your child have a positive, fun and exciting adventure in learning!